E-Commerce in Hong Kong


In many ways, Hong Kong is a modern city....you can even call it futuristic in some regards. It's home to the largest outdoor escalator in the world, incredibly precise, clean and frequent train system, highway sound barrier walls that completely block out the sound, and an Octopus card that can be used on trains, vending machines and many shops around the city.


However, in many ways, Hong Kong is behind. For instance, e-commerce is at a very nascent stage, behind US by some ten years. While most locals & expats have a mobile phone (the cell phone penetration here is at nearly 100%) shopping online is not a seamless experience. Many shops are family owned and don't have an online presence. The ones that do have not quite figured it out yet and even a simple task of ordering a meal online can often be more complex than it should be. Most companies are yet to engage in Search Engine Optimization and Affiliate Marketing is not heardof, whereas in US it's nearly 25% of e-commerce. This all can spell out a massive opportunity to do e-commerce in Hong Kong, and many start-ups are popping up to fill the gaps.


Here are the latest E-Commerce Stats for Hong Kong:








    • TV = 22% of ad spend

    • Newspapers = 16% of ad spend

    • Outdoor = 12% of ad spend